Rachel Bloom on Saying Goodbye to 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' and Her Hardest Scene

"We always only wanted to do four seasons," she told THR.

Rachel Bloom of The CW’s musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend sat down with The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss why season three was the “most challenging and rewarding acting season” for her and how she got through the hardest scene she’s had to shoot for the show. She also addresses why she’ll be saying goodbye to Rebecca Bunch after season four.

“This was the season we’ve always looked forward to doing,” Bloom said of season three, which took a more intense turn after her character was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. “It definitely was my most challenging and rewarding acting season.”

Bloom explained to THR that there was one scene from season three that was difficult to shoot, saying, “When we did the suicide attempt scene it was done incredibly seriously and that was definitely one of the hardest scenes I’ve had to shoot on the show but we’re always coming at any topic from a place of truth and looking for the natural juxtapositions that happen in real life.”

It’s been previously announced that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will be coming to an end after season four and Bloom explains that was always the plan.

“We always wanted to do four seasons because every season has a different aspect of the story of being a crazy ex-girlfriend. So season one was all about denial, season two was just about love, being obsessed and kind of escaping in love, season three was about the spiral and season four is about renewal and starting from scratch and that’s the story that we always wanted to tell.”