Creed concert heads to big screen

Houston show will be broadcast on 142 screens on Dec. 7

Creed fans will be able to check out the band's show from the comfort of a theater seat next week. As part of the Sony Digital Cinema Music Series, a full-length live Creed concert will be broadcast on 142 theater screens across the country on Dec. 7. "Creed Live" will be the third installment of the series, which is managed by Media Push Entertainment LLC, and will continue into 2010.

The event will broadcast the band's Sept. 25 concert, performed in front of 17,000 fans in Houston. The show is notable for having entered the Guinness Book of World Records for its record use of 239 high definition cameras for a live music event and the performance will be broadcast on HD and 5.1 surround-sound technology. Select theaters will use Sony's 4K digital cinema projectors.

"It's a powerful experience for music fans, a great ambience with great sound but more intimate because it gives you that social closeness that a theater can provide, a shared experience for the audience," said Mike Fidler, senior vice president of Sony's digital cinema solutions and services group, which initiated the music series. Creed will be attending and signing autographs at the West Palm Beach screening in Florida.

According to Media Push Entertainment, the series targets those who live in areas where the tour did not come through, "tweenagers," who might not have had access because of age limitations, and fans who may have attended the original concert and hope to experience it again.

"It's an incredibly safe, high quality environment, if you want to see and hear a concert, other than being their live, a theater is the best place to see it, and the price point is consumer friendly," said Steve Sterling, leader of Media Push.

"Creed Live" will expand to Germany and the UK in January, with a similar one-night event in conjunction with the international release of the concert DVD. In the U.S. the DVD will be available Dec. 8.

Those with Sony's BRAVIA television will be able to watch "Creed Live" on-demand for 30 days. In January, the PlayStation Network will also offer the performance through video-on-demand.

"Music artists have their own fan base and if you tune-in, you can take advantage of that through social networking, specialty music websites or radio," said Sterling. "We're looking to use our network of relationships to keep moving forward digital cinema on a global scale."