Will 'Creed' Song 'Fighting Stronger' Be the New 'Eye of the Tiger'?

Director Ryan Coogler spoke at the Revolt Music Conference.

The music for Creed, the upcoming spin-off from the Rocky film series starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone (reprising his role as Rocky Balboa), will have a 1970s influence and feature "great artist collaborations," according to director Ryan Coogler.

One of the main songs will be titled “Fighting Stronger” and will hopefully follow in the footsteps of iconic, previous Rocky themes like “Eye of the Tiger,” said Coogler.

It was one of the tidbits revealed during a last-minute panel held on Oct. 17 at the Revolt Music Conference, featuring Coogler, Jordan (who plays Adonis Creed, Apollo Creed’s son) and actress Tessa Thompson (who plays his love interest, Bianca).

The film, which premieres on Nov. 25,  tells the story of the younger Creed, also a boxer, who goes to Philadelphia to meet and train with Balboa.

Meeting the real Stallone was a trip, said Thompson. “I first met him in Philadelphia during the screening. When he screen tests he was doing these really elaborate riddles, he was reciting Shakespeare and poetry.”

“He was like our crazy old uncle,” added Coogler.  “He had a lot of stories. He’ll say random shit, like, ‘Having kids? You gotta make five movies before having a kid.’”

When it came to Creed’s music, Coogler worked with Swedish composer Ludwig Göransson, who he met when both were film students at USC.

“The music was a big focal point,” said Coogler, noting how pivotal Rocky’s musical moments and themes have been throughout history. “’Eye of the Tiger,' ‘No Easy Way Out,’ all those songs were a massive hit. And we embraced that. We recorded original songs for the movie.”

Artists on the soundtrack will be announced in the coming weeks, although the music from the second trailer is by Lupe Fiasco, featuring Ayesha Jaco. Thompson will also sing in the film. 

This article originally appeared on Billboard.com.