Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson Reveal One Thing That Isn't Known About Each Other

Tessa Thompson -Getty -H 2016
Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

"Tessa has never eaten egg before," the 'Creed' actor says.

If you're writing the guest list for your next Sunday brunch, maybe don't invite Tessa Thompson. 

According to her Creed co-star Michael B. Jordan, the 32-year-old has never eaten an egg — arguably the most crucial of brunch staples.

Jordan revealed the (appalling) tidbit at a photoshoot for THR's 25 Most Powerful Stylists issue, which he covers alongside his "In-Demand Men's Stylist" Jeff Kim. "Tessa has never eaten egg before. Ever. In Life. Never had one," he says, understandably shocked.

Thompson, also featured in the issue with her own "Rising Stylists to Watch," Wayman + Micah, admitted that Jordan did his best to carry out his civic duty with regards to her eating habits. "I had never had steak in my entire life, and I ate a bite of steak for and with Michael B. Jordan," she said. However the egg situation remains, as far as we know, unresolved.


We cannot begin to count the ways to enjoy an egg (poached! scrambled! boiled — soft and hard!) but we suggest that someone rush-deliver one to Thompson, stat. 

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