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Stuart Craig, production designer on the first five "Harry Potter" films, has signed on for the final two movies in the franchise: "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince," which is slated to go into production in the fall, and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." … Kirk M. Petruccelli, whose credits include "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," is production designing Universal Pictures and Marvel Studios' "The Incredible Hulk," directed by Louis Leterrier. … Jeff Mann ("Transformers") will be production designer on the Ben Stiller-helmed "Tropic Thunder." … Alexander Hammond ("Southland Tales") is production designing Fox Searchlight's "The Night Watchman," directed by David Ayer. … Bill Boes ("Fantastic Four") will production design the Walt Disney Pictures comedy "South of the Border," helmed by Raja Gosnell. … Andrew Laws ("1408") will serve as the production designer on the Warner Bros. Pictures comedy "Yes Man," helmed by Peyton Reed and starring Jim Carrey. … The next film for production designer William Arnold, whose credits include "Kids in America," is Paramount Pictures' "NowhereLand," directed by Karey Kirkpatrick. "NowhereLand" is also next up for director of photography John Lindley, who also shot Focus Features' drama "Reservation Road," which is set for a fall release. … Jeffrey Kimball ("Be Cool") is director of photography on "Old Dogs," Disney's John Travolta-Robin Williams comedy helmed by Walt Becker. … Cinematographer Barry Ackroyd ("Battle in Seattle") will shoot "The Hurt Locker," an Iraq War drama helmed by Kathryn Bigelow. … Cinematographer Roberto Schaefer ("The Kite Runner") is reteaming with director Marc Forster on the working-titled "Bond 22." … Cinematographer Frank Griebe ("Perfume: The Story of a Murderer") next will shoot "The International," an action thriller that Tom Tykwer is helming for Columbia Pictures. … The next film for director of photography J. Michael Muro ("Rush Hour 3") is "Traitor," an espionage thriller from Overture Films helmed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff. … Cinematographer Ben Nott ("See No Evil") is shooting Lionsgate's futuristic vampire film "Daybreakers," helmed by Michael and Peter Spierig. … The next project for cinematographer Jonathan Sela is "Powder Blue," an indie drama starring Oscar winner Forest Whitaker and Jessica Biel. "Blue" is also the next project for costume designer Magali Guidasci, whose recent work includes 20th Century Fox's "Jumper," directed by Doug Liman and slated for a 2008 release. … Tariq Anwar ("The Good Shepherd") next will edit "Revolutionary Road." … Editor Jill Savitt ("The Lookout") will cut "Flash of Genius" for director Marc Abraham. … Leesa Evans ("Into the Blue") is designing costumes for Universal Pictures' "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," directed by Nicholas Stoller.