'Criminal Minds' Crewmember Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Courtesy of CBS
'Criminal Minds'

A 2nd assistant cameraman alleges in court documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter that the show's director of photography touched him in a sexual manner two to three times a week during his employment.

A Criminal Minds crewmember claims he was repeatedly sexually harassed by a supervisor on set, according to a complaint filed Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. 

Todd Durboraw, a 2nd assistant cameraman, alleges that Greg St. Johns, whose title was director of photography at the time, touched him in a sexual manner "approximately two to three times a week on average" from the time the plaintiff was hired and began working for the defendant in 2011.

Durboraw is suing St. Johns, ABC Studios, CBS, Warner Bros. and Entertainment Partners Enterprises, alleging a host of claims including assault, battery, sexual harassment and retaliation. (Warners doesn't produce Criminal Minds and may have been named as a defendant in error.)

The suit describes the harassment in graphic detail, further stating, "On at least one occasion, while Plaintiff was squatting down, Defendant St. Johns came up behind Plaintiff and touched Plaintiff’s groin and buttocks with his foot." On other occasions, the defendant would "grab and flick Plaintiff’s nipples."

The suit also alleges that Durboraw was discriminated against and harassed, including being prevented from taking days off work to attend to his daughter’s life-threatening condition. Durboraw also claims that he was invited to take a promotion, but it was then implied that if he accepted, he would soon be fired. Colleagues who accepted St. Johns' harassment were rewarded with gifts and better assignments, the plaintiff claims. 

Durboraw is seeking general, special and punitive damages.