'Criminal Minds' Stars Endorse Water Quality App (Exclusive Video)

Matthew Gray Gubler AJ Cook - H 2013
Waterkeeper Alliance

A.J. Cook and Matthew Gray Gubler plug The Swim Guide App from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Waterkeeper Alliance.

On CBS' Criminal Minds, stars A.J. Cook and Matthew Gray Gubler spend their time tracking down bad guys. In real life, the pair are keen on tracking down safe, pollution-free beaches, and they've found the app they need to do it.

In a new video, which is exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, Cook and Gubler walk viewers through version 2.0 of The Swim Guide from Robert F. Kennedy's Waterkeeper Alliance. The app, being released this week, helps users to locate nearby beaches and check if their waters are safe for swimming.

"The Waterkeeper Swim Guide app is one of the coolest I've seen, because I live at the beach," says Cook in the video. "I have a son. I sometimes worry about the water."

The stars go on to talk about the app's report pollution feature, which allows one to report possible trouble in the water.

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"If you see something there, you click the report pollution button," Gubler says. "You describe your concern. You can add a photo even."

Kennedy praised the app, which uses government data to keep tabs on nearly 5,000 beaches.

"The Swim Guide re-connects communities with their waterways by telling people how to find the closest beach and if it safe to swim when they get there,” said Kennedy, president of the Waterkeeper Alliance.  “An informed public is the foundation stone of a functioning democracy by making water quality data easily available.  This app will promote healthy public debate about the costs of pollution to our communities.”

The Swim Guide is available from App Store, Google Play, or www.theswimguide.com.

The Waterkeeper Alliance is a network of 207 water protection groups worldwide.