#CrimingWhileWhite Explodes on Twitter Following Eric Garner Decision

Eric Garner Protesters - H 2014
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Former 'Daily Show' writer Jason Ross encouraged his white Twitter followers to share stories of lenient punishments they received from police

Following a grand jury's decision not to indict the police officer who killed Eric Garner with a choke hold while arresting him in July, the hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite has begun trending online.

The hashtag was started Wednesday by former Daily Show writer Jason Ross, who is white. He revealed the minimal punishment he received from police for crimes he committed while growing up. 

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"Busted for larceny at 11," he tweeted. "At 17, cited for booze + caught w gun @ school. No one called me a thug. Can't recommend being white highly enough."

Ross, who now writes for the Tonight Show, then encouraged other white people who follow him on Twitter to share their own stories of "under-punished f—-ups," as he termed them. 

Ross' hashtag has gotten a slew of responses, and he has been retweeting a number of the the stories. One Twitter user wrote: "Many white friends pulled over for DUI In college. Cops followed them home to make sure they got home safe, no arrests. #CrimingWhileWhite."

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Another person wrote: "As a passenger, told an officer my name was none of his f--king business, but that I wanted to know his. Matter dropped. #CrimingWhileWhite."

A third person tweeted she was caught by a cop for running out of a restaurant without paying the bill. She only had to pay the bill and then was free to go.

Ross' tweets, along with those by other users, can be seen below.

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