Critics' Choice Awards: 12 Things the TV Cameras Missed

Bradley Cooper and Julia Roberts - H Getty 2019
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Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper hugged it out, Lady Gaga got a standing O, and Glenn Close took a lot of selfies.

The biggest names in film and TV came together on Sunday night for the Critics' Choice Awards, but some of the best moments of the show didn't make it to air. With The Hollywood Reporter inside the room, here are the top things the TV cameras didn't show, from the best A-list interactions to star red carpet tips. 

1. The show, which honors the year's best entertainment as chosen by TV and film critics, was a meeting of Hollywood's biggest stars and famous friends. Julia Roberts approached the A Star Is Born table during a commercial break to hug and congratulate Bradley Cooper on the movie's success; Timothee Chalamet chatted with one of the night's big winners and his self-professed hero, Christian Bale; and Laura Dern embraced Ryan Gosling at the First Man table. 

2. The Favourite won for best acting ensemble, and confusion spread around the room when it was discovered that no one — cast or crew — was there to accept the award. The same buzz echoed later when star Olivia Colman won for best actress in a comedy.

3. This year's Critics' Choice notably had a rare two ties in major categories: Amy Adams and Patricia Arquette tied for best actress in a limited series or TV movie, and Lady Gaga and Glenn Close later tied for best actress in a movie. The audience gasped and appeared shocked when both of the ties were announced, and Adams and Arquette decided to accept their awards simultaneously, alternating who was speaking. For best actress, Close was called first, gave her speech and attempted to leave the stage before Gaga was called. The audience loudly encouraged her to return to the stage, and when Gaga's name was read, the room gave her a standing ovation. As Gaga's speech went over time and the piano played to get her off the stage, she replied "It's OK, I can still do this with a piano background" and the room erupted in cheers for her to continue. 

4. After winning best sci-fi or horror movie for A Quiet Place, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski hurried back to their seats to watch Blunt's nomination for Mary Poppins Returns. First, though, they made plans with A Quiet Place producers to hit the bar as soon as her category was announced. Krasinski finally made it to the bar while Ben Stiller was announcing winners onstage. He chatted up New Girl actor Jake Johnson as Blunt remained in the audience. 

5. Meanwhile, when Crazy Rich Asians won best comedy, Amandla Stenberg of The Hate U Give was hanging out in the relatively empty lobby eating Ample Hills ice cream — flavors ranged from vegan chocolate to pretzel munchies — with two pals. 

6. Fan photos were a big part of the evening, with supporters rushing the tables of the biggest movies and shows to ask for pictures. The Killing Eve table, with winner Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, was a fan favorite, and Close was hit with a constant stream of photo requests. 

7. Not everyone was a selfie fan, though. Nicole Kidman’s bodyguard prevented selfie-seekers and other well wishers from approaching her — so she could have some time to speak with Charlize Theron privately at their table. When one fan approached Kidman, the actress' bodyguard told the fan, "Later." Ryan Gosling also had a bodyguard standing behind him.

8. Though Chrissy Teigen's husband, John Legend, was nominated for best actor in a limited series or TV movie, she seemed to be rooting for Paul Dano. When Dano's name was read aloud, Teigen began cheering and clapping wildly — she also put her hands up in the air when Legend’s name was called. After Darren Criss won, he bolted over to the couple for a hug, as Teigen cheered for him.  

9. On the Critics' Choice red carpet, GLOW star Betty Gilpin told THR that even after season 2 of her show, she struggles with feeling comfortable taking photos at events. To cope with the nerves, she said, "I try to play a character when I'm getting my picture taken. Her name is Olivia St. Blind, and she is a real estate mogul. She's had one tequila and there's going to be a scandal that breaks about her the next day, so she's just living her fullest night tonight because it's all going to come crashing down tomorrow." She swears by the technique and says it's her red carpet secret. 

10. Inside the Barker Hangar, the eclectic dinner was comprised of a prosciutto, goat cheese and fig jam crostini; vegetable spring rolls with sesame ginger glaze; a tomato and mozzarella tart; crudité with hummus; and a bundle of veggies, all arranged on one plate for a bizarre spread.

11. The Good Place's Jameela Jamil recounted last weekend's Golden Globe experience to THR, revealing that she was at the table that Jim Carrey crashed when he was kicked out of the "movie section" in the opening bit of the show. "He came and sat at our table, that's the table he moved to, and it was just too much to process," she said. "My inner 13-year-old was screaming."   

12. And speaking of Globes, the show-stealing Fiji Water Girl (real name Kelleth Cuthbert) was no where to be seen at the Critics' Choice Awards, though similarly blue-clad women served the beverage on the red carpet.