Critics' Choice Awards: 'Lego Movie' Co-Director, Jessica Chastain Speak Out About Oscar Snubs

Jessica Chastain Critics Choice - H 2015
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Stars and filmmakers reacted to Oscar snubs at the Critic’s Choice Awards

After the 87th Academy Award nominations were revealed early Thursday, so came the Oscar snub talk for films including The Lego Movie, Gone Girl and Selma. At the Critic’s Choice Awards on Thursday at the Hollywood Palladium, the talents behind some of these films — many of whom were honored during the night — shared their thoughts backstage and on the red carpet. 

Reactions to the Oscar snubs are below.

Phil Lord, The Lego Movie

"We made it in order to inspire families and kids and people and we’ve been really justly rewarded I think for that," said Lord. "We feel really lucky and the awards stuff is it’s own thing, and of course we’re disappointed, but it’s not the reason we made the movie. There’s no way to not be pleased with the outcome of this film."

On people's response to the snub:

"We were a trending topic. It’s way more permanent right next to 'Dick Poop.' Seeing the of name of your film next to words Dick Poop is a real honor."

On his clever Oscar snub response that went viral:

“Right off of Google images everyone.”

Jessica Chastain, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, Interstellar, Miss Julie, A Violent Year

On her four films this year being snubbed for best picture:

"The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby I made almost three years ago so I’m in a situation where you never know when things are going to come out. Interstellar I made last year with Miss Julie, and then A Most Violent Year I made this year. For some reason all four of them decided to come out within four months of each other. It’s never what I wish for, but I’m not the people who make those decisions."

On the lack of diversity represented in the nominees:

"I’ve always spoken to the press about how as audience member I long to see diversity in things in American cinema. Some of my favorite films are foreign films because I know I’m going to get diversity when I see films from all over the world. It’s something that we lack here. Of course this morning it made it poignant. It’s Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday today. I don’t want to take away from anything because it’s an incredible situation. I just wish we had stories about a larger group of people. The film industry is made to hold a mirror to society, reflect where we’ve been in our past, where we are today and where we are headed. I think we need to reflect more where we are today because we are not seeing the best picture."

Gilian Flynn, Gone Girl:

"Rosamund Pike (Best Actress Oscar nominee) was so well deserved. I was not remotely surprised. I just knew in my bones that she would have to get it. The amount of work that she did behind the scenes to make that role feel effortless and real and as crazy as it got. She’s just incredible. I thought I’d get one. I was rooting of course for [David] Fincher. Ben [Affleck] I thought gave a great performance. It’s not the showiest one, but it’s the linchpin of the whole movie, but I’m really happy for Rosamund."

Common, best original song nominee for "Glory" from Selma:

"I’m very grateful that we were nominated for Best Picture. It’s lot of films that were made this year and to be a part of a film that’s nominated for Best Picture is an incredible honor by the Oscars. Also being nominated for Best Original Song, John Legend and I, that’s a blessing. Am I disappointed that [Director] Ava Duvernay and David Oyelowo didn’t receive nominations, yes I’m disappointed, but their work is shining through no matter what and we are grateful. We wouldn’t have a Best Picture if they didn’t put the work that they put in so I’m very grateful for the work and I know they will continue to keep creating great work out there."

Wendell Pierce, Selma

On Oyelowo and Duvernay's Oscar nomination snubs:

"I was excited that we got nominated for best picture and disappointed that David and Ava and Bradford Young. The one thing people forget his that Bradford Young is one of the few times that cinematography had two great films out, A Most Violent Year and Selma who has been lauded for his work all year. The rare occasion that a foreign film cinematographer is chosen to be given a nomination for. It’s just obvious there is a narrow consideration of the work when it came to the nominations."

Kevin Costner, Black or White:

"There’s a lot of people that wanted to win. There’s a lot of people that wanted to be nominated. The last movie I made is called Black or White and it deals with the state of racism at least what we know. A lot of times when we make a movies about race we are looking backward in history, we’re looking at Selma or The Butler, wonderful movies. Black and White was a contemporary look at where we’re at with race.  I’m always disappointed if someone would not be considered because of the color of their skin. That would bother me a lot. When I decided that I was going to make The Bodyguard I thought I had to get the cutest girl who knew how to sing and that was Whitney Houston."