Critics Slam The Situation


The Jersey Shore star’s roast of Donald Trump has been widely panned

The Situation’s jokes at the Comedy Central roast of Donald Trump didn’t just bomb with the audience, critics also slammed the reality star (real name: Mike Sorrentino).

The Huffington Post commented: “What stands out most about The Situation's performance is simply the lack of perspective. He seems to be laboring under the notion that whatever he wants to do, he can. And why not? Being a guy with no real ambition beyond some kind of bizarre tanning, working out and laundry ethos has paid off for him handsomely so far. Why shouldn't he think, ‘oh, yeah, I can do comedy’?”

“Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino likes to talk about avoiding grenades, but on Thursday night he dropped a whole lot of 'em at Comedy Central's roast in Manhattan,” wrote the Los Angeles Times.

“Never rely on a grenade joke, Sitch, if you think there’s a chance you might bomb” quipped Entertainment Weekly.

Even fellow roaster Lisa Lampanelli had a comment: She told TMZ that after he'd finished, Sorrentino said he thought he did a "pretty good" job. "I should go through life that delusional," she said, adding. "I really wish I loved myself that much."