Critics' wish list for Emmy noms


The critics make their Emmy picks
Five worthy shows that never won Emmy's top prize


Matthew Gilbert (The Boston Globe): "My strongest wish is to see Taylor Kitsch (NBC's 'Friday Night Lights') on the list. This was his season. He has brought so much quiet heroism and tragedy to his stereotypical Texas pretty boy. Keir Gilchrist is the best thing about 'United States of Tara' (Showtime). He is touching as he shows the plight of a gay kid who doesn't fit any of the stereotypes."

Glenn Garvin (The Miami Herald): "As Bryan Cranston's young methmaking partner, Aaron Paul ('Breaking Bad') manages to make his character semi-psychotic and sympathetic at the same time. I think Emmy voters have noticed. And Matt Czuchry, who plays Julianna Margulies' competition for a junior partner position (on 'The Good Wife'), earned a nomination as far as I'm concerned with a single scene -- the look of mingled rage and dawning comprehension when she beat him out for the job."
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LEAD ACTRESS (Miniseries or movie)

Neal Justin (The Minneapolis Star-Tribune): "The most exciting performance of the year belongs to Claire Danes, who reignited her career with 'Temple Grandin' (HBO). A glorious reminder that she's one of her generation's finest actresses."


John Griffiths (US Weekly): "Of all the 'Housewives' hits, 'Real Housewives of New York City' (Bravo) is the only keeper to me. It's cleverly produced, genuinely (if obnoxiously) glitzy, and stuffed with folks who prove L.A. doesn't have a lock on vapid pettiness. My body turns into one giant cringe-ball whenever I hear that endearingly pretentious couple Alex and Simon call for their tot."

Tom Gliatto (People magazine): "I would like to see the reality-show category dominated by Garden State series: 'Real Housewives of New Jersey,' 'Jerseylicious,' 'Jersey Shore' and -- we'd have to petition to have eligibility deadlines tweaked -- 'Jersey Couture' (Oxygen) I grew up in south Jersey, so this would be incredibly validating for me." -- R.D.
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