Costa Concordia Disaster to Become Discovery Channel Special (Exclusive)

Costa Concordia Ship Wreck - H 2012
Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Costa Concordia Ship Wreck - H 2012

Mere days after the cruise ship ran aground on the western coast of Italy, the network announced it will examine the disaster in a spring special.

The Costa Concordia Disaster is getting the Hollywood treatment.

This spring, Discovery will premiere a special designed to dissect the devastating disaster that wreaked havoc on a luxury cruise ship off the shore of Isola del Giglio last week.

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"The world has been horrified and captivated by the real life drama of the Costa Concordia disaster,"  said Discovery Channel’s EVP production and development Nancy Daniels. "With so many unanswered questions, Discovery will piece together not only the immediate events but the bigger story of what comes next in recovery and restoration.

With 11 of the ship’s 4,200 passengers confirmed dead and another 23 still missing, Discovery crews will cover the teams charged with figuring out a way to salvage a vessel that’s larger than the Titanic. 

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Among the many questions the “instamentary,” as the network has dubbed such specials, will look to answer: What went wrong? What role did Captain Francesco Schettino play? How did the crew evacuate the ship? And can – and if so, how do -- you salvage the ship?

The decision to commission a special within days of the ship running aground is part of a growing trend at the network to remain newsy and relevant for its viewership. Of late, Discovery has done similar work with the killing of Bin Laden, the death of Steve Jobs, the massacre in Norway and the earthquake in Japan.

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