Cryptic Justin Bieber Skywriting Appears Over New York

Justin Bieber - H 2015

Justin Bieber - H 2015

Who paid for this to happen?

How ... sweet?

Sunday afternoon, New Yorkers were greeted by a mysterious phrase looming above them in skywriting: "Justin Bieber Is a Smileophile."

Not much has been discerned from the effort, apart from the anonymous benefactor's conviction that Bieber really likes smiles, but it's sent Twitter into properly confused discourse:

Bieber's dedication to grinning is questionable — he was all business during those Calvin Klein skivvies ads, after all — but as Noisey notes, he's been on a "charm offensive" over the past months, including his participation on a Comedy Central roast that attacked his brattier shenanigans and negative public perception. Maybe joining Team Smile is a good thing for the pop star?

Time will tell.

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