CTV Enters CBS Pilot Script Deal

Nets develop third Canadian cop series after "Flashpoint" and "The Bridge"


TORONTO -- CBS and Canadian broadcaster CTV are back developing a Canuck cop drama together.

CTV is partnering with CBS on an ensemble cop drama set in a Canadian-U.S. cross-border town from indie producer White Pines Pictures as part of a

script development deal first struck with the eye network in August.

The international co-produced drama was created by veteran actors-turned-scribes Mark Wilson and Patrick McKenna, who will work with showrunner David Barlow to complete a pilot script.

Unlike Flashpoint andThe Bridge, which were developed first by CTV before CBS came on board, the eye network committed to the project after a U.S. network pitch session in Los Angeles in August before CTV officially attached itself to the project.

The Canadian drama is now at the script treatment stage, and is to be executive produced by White Pines principal Peter Raymont.

Canuck producers traditionally first secure a commitment from a Canadian TV network for a homegrown drama before flying to Los Angeles to possibly bring a U.S. broadcaster on board to complete their project financing.

White Pines last year had a development deal with CBS for One U.N. Plaza, a one-hour Canadian drama set against the backdrop of the United Nations in New York City, that didn't proceed to pilot.

White Pines also produced The Border, the Sofia Milos and James McGowan-starring action drama about an elite Toronto immigration and customs tactical team, that ran for three seasons on the CBC in Canada and ION Television stateside.