CTV Reups 'The Borgias,' 'Flashpoint,' 'The Listener'


Canadian broadcaster orders new seasons for homegrown dramas sold widely into the U.S. and other foreign markets.

TORONTO -- CTV has renewed the homegrown cop drama Flashpoint for a fifth season, ordering 18 new one hours.

There's no word on whether CBS is on board to get Flashpoint to 80 episodes.

CTV has traditionally made new season orders for Flashpoint independent of CBS.

The series producers earlier enlisted CBS and ION to help bank-roll a fourth season of the police procedural about an elite force in Toronto that deals with hostage standoffs and other crisis situations.

CBS has another seven episodes from the upcoming fourth season of Flashpoint to air.

The drama, which is shot in Toronto, is produced by Pink Sky Entertainment and Avamar Entertainment, in association with CTV and CBS Television Studios.

CTV also ordered a third season of The Listener, or another 13 hours, and a second season of Showtime’s The Borgias, or ten new episodes.

The second cycle of The Borgias, a Canada/Hungary/Ireland co-production, will air in 2012 on CTV and Bravo!, the Canadian cable channel.