'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Adam Brody on 'Growing Up' and Why He "Wouldn't Go Back"

Growing Up and Other Lies Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Entertainment One Films

Growing Up and Other Lies Still - H 2015

The actor is joined by co-stars Danny Jacobs and Josh Lawson to talk about their new "anti-coming-of-age" movie 'Growing Up and Other Lies.'

It's a packed house in this episode of Off the Cuff, as not one but three of the stars of the new indie comedy Growing Up and Other Lies join us to talk about what getting older really means.

"It surprises me that just occasionally I feel old," says Adam Brody, but he adds, "So far I wouldn't go back." The former O.C. star, who can also be seen in the new Neil LaBute show Billy & Billie on DirecTV, stopped by Off the Cuff with co-stars Josh Lawson and Danny Jacobs (also the film's writer-director along with Darren Grodsky), to take us behind the scenes of their "anti-coming-of-age" story about a struggling painter, played by Lawson, who enlists his best friends to walk the entire length of Manhattan with him in one last hurrah before moving back to Ohio. Though all three are still only in their '30s, they had plenty to say about the perils of looking back.

"What's interesting to me about aging is that the world kind of tells you how old you are," Jacobs says, recalling a time he recently spent with some 23-year-olds when there was a "wall between us because they look at me and they see this older guy."

As these "older guys" debate what year they would go back to if they could (Lawson: "I think I was my best self at 28"), they also recount how they each wound up in Hollywood in the first place, which Golden Girls they would be, what specific Woody Allen-isms can be found in their work and why, as Jacobs says, "Life is one pretty constant crisis."

We also ask Brody about the fate of Whit Stillman's yet-to-be-picked-up Amazon pilot The Cosmopolitans ("You can keep hope alive. I've kept hope alive") and what it's like playing part of a couple whose parents happen to be married to each other, as he does in Billy & Billie.

"It's relatable even if you're not in love with your stepsibling," he insists.

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