'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Amanda de Cadenet Holds Down the Fort for Ladies of Late Night

Brian Bowen Smith

With the debut of her new Lifetime show "Undone" de Cadenet tells #pretapodcasts why "I identify as a feminist and I don't have any shame around that word."

Amanda de Cadenet is coming at you live and direct – and trying hard not to say any bad words while she does.

(She does not, however, believe "feminism" is one of them.)

On this episode of Off the Cuff the host of Lifetime's new late-night talk show Undone talks about the pressures of live television ("I thought I was going to throw up right before we went on air"), adhering to the network's list of approved words ("badass" = yes, "dickhead" = no), Nicki Minaj's bare-bottom controversy, lesbian sex in Cosmo and what the end of Chelsea Lately means for the only other late-night lady left standing.

"The fact that with all the cable and network shows," she explains, "that there is one woman, myself, who is fronting my own show at 10:30pm that doesn't have a male co-host - that is one of things that falls into the category of, 'This is 2014. How is this possible?'"

The British-born host, who is also a mother of three and married to The Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi, doesn't hold back when asked about many topics other media figures shy away from, be it personal politics – she is, as they say, ready for Hillary – or the difference between when she first started in television, at the astounding age of 15, and now.

"My boobs have dropped extremely since the last time I was on live TV," she pronounces with a hearty laugh.

She's also the first to point out that the new show, though already finding an audience, still has some room for improvement.

"It's a little rough around the edges, and my shows tend to be a little rough around the edges, maybe because I am. I'm a little undone."

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