'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Ben Feldman Spells Return Of Rom-Com in 'A to Z'

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The actor tells #pretapodcasts why his new NBC show could help revive a beloved genre — even if he is "terrified of talking" about it

With his new NBC rom-com A to Z, Ben Feldman is bringing "Must See TV" back to America.

Or at least, as he calls it: "Maybe-check-it-out TV."

It's true that expectations for the storied Thursday night slot are considerably less than they used to be ("Biggest Loser is the first hour. It's not like Cheers or anything," Feldman noted.) Nevertheless, buzz abounds for A to Z ,which many are looking to as a possible reviving moment for the all-but-dead romantic comedy genre. Feldman joined Off the Cuff  to explain what it's like working with series creators Rashida Jones and Will McCormick ("You feel like the dorkiest version of you if you're around Rashida and Will"), what his wife thought of him when they were first set up on a blind date ("a douchebag actor") and why he's finally enjoying a bit of job security after years of grueling pilot seasons ("Being poor or jobless or futureless — all of those things are romantic and exciting when you're in your early 20's and just drunk all the time.")

And of course we had to talk about "the nipple," the appendage that his character Ginsberg so infamously cut off in this past season of Mad Men. That show still has a strong hold on Feldman, who was nervous to discuss anything plot-related, even about A to Z, a project that is completely unaffiliated with his notoriously secretive old boss Matthew Weiner.

"You do three years on Mad Men and you're terrified of talking about anything you're doing," said Feldman. And as for the nipple talk?

"This is the third time it's been brought up to me today."

Hopefully A to Z will finally give people something new to talk about.

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