'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Bob Saget on the Dreaded Words 'I Don't Know Why You're Not Like Danny'

Bob Saget Portrait - P 2014
Natalie Brasington

Bob Saget Portrait - P 2014

The TGIF icon and comedy giant has a new memoir out. He stopped by #pretapodcasts to explain where in the Venn diagram between "Full House" and "Entourage" the real-life Bob Saget falls.

To understand Bob Saget is to accept that you don't really know him at all — even though most of us think we do. This is natural, of course, considering that you could barely turn on the TV between 1987 and 1997 without seeing him in ABC's Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos, which continued to live on in syndication for a whole new generation of family boob tube bonding.

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Grateful for his past successes but confounded by how much fans confuse him with the characters he plays on TV ("I don't think they think I'm capable of acting!"), Saget joined Off the Cuff to explain how a childhood beset by tragedy informed his comedy, how the physical act of writing his book posed a threat to his very manhood and why his famous telling of the Aristocrats joke is more about the first amendment than incest.

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And of course we had to ask — and he graciously answered — about those glorious Full House mullets. ("[Stamos] had more of a mullet mane.")

Why wasn't Danny a part of Jesse and The Rippers? ("He was not a guy that you'd want to see dancing.")

And how could he tell which Olsen twin was which? ("A lot of jokes were told about how you tell twins apart.")