'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Cynthia Nixon, Christopher Abbott Have a Mother and Child Reunion

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'James White'

The two actors get raw in their new indie 'James White' though Abbott admits to his co-star, "I've never seen 'Sex and the City.'"

Cynthia Nixon and Christopher Abbott have far more in common than just their new mother/son Sundance hit drama James White, in which Abbott's drifting 20-something title character must finally grow up in light of his mother's (Nixon) terminal illness. While both Nixon and Abbott are considered quintessential "New York actors" of their respective generations, they also both found their greatest onscreen fame in zeitgeisty, boundary-busting shows: Sex and the City and (in many ways that show's descendant) Girls.

In this episode of Off the Cuff, Abbott admits to his co-star that he has never in fact seen SATC — though Nixon can readily name which Girls character she both aspires to, and is most like (hint: she's the "Miranda" of the Girls gang.)

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