'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Dane Cook is "Back With More Fervor" In 'Troublemaker'

Dane Cook Performing and Pointing - H 2014
Courtesy of Showtime

Dane Cook Performing and Pointing - H 2014

The comedian tells 'Off the Cuff' why he spent a year out of the spotlight and how he's better than ever with his new Showtime special

"I don't like directing myself," says Dane Cook. "I don't listen."

Cook learned this while shooting his directorial debut, the new Showtime stand-up special Troublemaker, over two nights in Las Vegas earlier this year. It's Cook's first special in four years following a hiatus he took in 2010-2011 after he lost both his parents to cancer within nine months of each other.

"I was like Jack Kerouac," he tells Off the Cuff while describing a year spent driving cross-country while undergoing some serious soul searching. "I was reading Nietzsche, like, 'What’s my constitution?'" The result, he says, can be seen in the new special. 

"I was hitting 40 and it was like, okay, all the shenanigans of my 20's and some of the stuff I was coming at in my standup in my 30's, that era was over," he recalls.

"I came back with more fervor."

Cook also opens up about the controversy over rumors that he stole jokes from Louis C.K., why he's never had a drink in his life, and which bits have gotten him into serious trouble with audiences — even if they thank him for it later.

"I’ve gotten the emails from people saying, 'We broke up two days after your show,'" he admits.

Is there any topic too taboo for him to approach?

“There’s always a right approach," he insists. Ever the troublemaker, indeed.

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