'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Dillon Francis On His New Album 'Money Sucks Friends Rule'

Dillon Francis With A Cat - P 2014
Shane McCauley

Dillon Francis With A Cat - P 2014

Touted by some as the next Skrillex, the DJ/producer tells #pretapodcasts why he's the guy that "didn't go to college and has your job"

So what is the typical schedule of a top touring DJ these days?

"Friday, Vegas, then maybe Milwaukee, then Atlanta, Georgia, and then you come back to L.A. And it's either you start working on a song, or you rest for that day, then start working on a song the next day. There's not a lot of downtime," Dillon Francis tells Off the Cuff where he stopped by to discuss his debut album out this month, Money Sucks Friends Rule. 

Francis knows that the competition is fierce when there’s always another DJ wunderkind just around the corner. The Santa Monica Community College drop-out tells us how he lived in his parents' guest house after they agreed to give him one year to prove himself. Before that year was up, Diplo's label was putting out Francis' first EP. He’s glad he funneled the $10,000 his grandmother gave him that first year into a new computer and speakers instead of into school tuition, pointing out that while college can be fun, “There could be me, the person that didn't go to college and has your job that you decided to go to college for.”

Fresh off a huge national tour to promote Money Sucks, the DJ-turned-producer also tells us who his bucket list collaborator would be, what playlist every wedding DJ should have up his or her sleeve, why he's still proud to call himself a hipster, and what we can expect from the new album that boasts collaborations with Twista, Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie, DJ Snake and more.

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Plug in your best noise-cancellers and check out the specially curated IDGAFOS mix Francis made exclusively for Pret-a-Reporter here:

IDGAFOS Mix by Dillon Francis

"Just put your iPhones down when you listen to it," he asks.

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