'Off the Cuff' Podcast: 'Episodes' Star Kathleen Rose Perkins Is Having "A Lot More Fun"

Ricky Middlesworth

The break-out actress from the Showtime series and David Fincher's 'Gone Girl' talks awkward pot smoking, beefed up Ben Affleck and the porn star who has stolen her Twitter handle.

Though she's having quite a visible year, from her meme-making role as Carol Rance on Showtime's Episodes to the part of hometown flirt Shawna Kelly in Gone Girl, Kathleen Rose Perkins is still trying to master the art of social media.

"Yesterday I posted a close-up of matches," she tells #THRpodcasts about her recent effort to post one picture on Instagram every day. "That's not good!"

When we try to find her Twitter account (which, for the record, is just @KathleenPerkins, sans middle name) we are surprised to find a self-described porn star has already co-opted Perkins' full name for her handle.

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"I might actually get some more followers!" Perkins cracks. "Boob shot, no more matchsticks, and porn!"

We're guessing that after this season of Episodes she won't have to worry about gaining new followers. Already her character's new romantic storyline with her female boss has inspired much online chatter, including a celebrity couple hashtag (#Bance) - the ultimate sign that you've captured your viewers' attention.

"I don't know that I'd walk away from a CSI or an NCIS," Perkins tell us after admitting she shot six pilots prior to being cast on Episodes, "but I'm assuming I have a lot more fun on this show than I would on something like that."

"Every single season I get to play a completely different side to this person that I didn't know existed," she adds. "I didn't know that she was as scared of a person as she was."

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Perkins also tells us about earning her third degree black belt in tae-kwon-do ("It's a bunch of normal people in Pasadena so nobody's talking about business or the pilots they're going in for and not getting"), her stint as a cruise ship dancer, why it's hard to be in public after shooting her many pot-smoking scenes ("I smell like I haven't showered in a while") and how she earned the role of trying to seduce Ben Affleck's character in Gone Girl.

"I put on really high cut-off shorts and huge mule heels and bouffed my hair up," she recalls. Once on set, however, she discovered that Affleck was rather focused on a film other than the one they were shooting together.

"He was beefing up to become Batman at the time," she says. "He just worked out." So Perkins hung with the locals instead, asking them "How do you say 'chicken Frito pie'?" so she could be sure to nail the local Missouri accent.

"Where's my Oscar nomination?" she laughs.

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