'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Josh Gad Goes From 'Frozen' to Baked With Billy Crystal

Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

The star of FX's new comedy 'The Comedians' dishes on his upcoming Disney sequels and "going down the wormhole" with one of the greatest icons in Hollywood.

"Going from Olaf to getting high" is how Josh Gad succintly describes our conversation in this Off the Cuff, as we segueway from wondering if Gad's Frozen snowman wears sunscreen to laughing about the previous night's episode of his new FX comedy The Comedians, which found him smoking a copious amount of marijuana with co-star Billy Crystal.

"He's still got new colors that he's sharing with his audiences 40-plus years later," Gad says of Crystal, noting that City Slickers was one of the most seminal movies of his young life and boasting that getting the veteran comic to watch The Walking Dead was "like pulling teeth" — until he got him hooked.

"Sometimes he won't recognize that I know what I'm talking about until he actually proves it to himself," Gad laughs.

We grill him, as it is our due diligence to do, on the not one, but two Disney sequels he has coming down the pipe — Frozen 2 and a live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. (For the record, Gad tells us that he gets "more social media interaction and engagement on Beauty and the Beast than on the sequel to Frozen." When we suggest it may be the power of nostalgia behind that fact, he admits he "cried when Hans Solo came out" in the newest Star Wars trailer.)

Gad also describes just how mind-blowingly meta The Comedians, an FX-show-within-an-FX-show, can feel sometimes, like "going down the wormhole to get to the rabbithole," with the "biggest possible poster of 1600 Penn" decorating his character's dressing room and a running joke that people constantly mistake him for Jonah Hill.

"Anybody who's slightly stocky with curly hair and a Jewish presence, I get mistaken for," he says, though he acknowledges the irony of how often he is recognized from an animated movie that his face never actually appears in.

"When I grew up I wouldn't have been able to tell you who played Sebastian the crab," he admits.

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