'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Kathryn Hahn Says She "Vomited My Soul Out"

Kathryn Hahn Headshot - P 2014

Kathryn Hahn Headshot - P 2014

The famously funny actress tells us about going deeper in 'Afternoon Delight' and 'Transparent,' plus why starring in the new M. Knight Shamalyn movie was a turn-on ("creatively," that is)

It was just announced that Jill Soloway's Transparent had been picked up for a second season on Amazon the very day that one of Soloway's leading ladies, Kathryn Hahn, joined Off the Cuff to talk not only that show but also its formidable forebearer Afternoon Delight, which Soloway cast her as the lead in after Hahn promised her, "we will fall in love with each other by the end of this." She ended up being right.

"No one had an apathetic response to it," Hahn says of the film that marked the first time most audiences had seen her play for more than just laughs. "People hated it with such a passion, or it was like a life-changer." It took her a while to shake off that vulnerability, she says, noting, "I felt like I had just vomited my soul out."

After side-splitting performances in movies like Step-Brothers, Wanderlust and Our Idiot Brother, Hahn was cast in the work of another firebrand auteur, in Lena Dunham's Girls. She tells us why she considers Dunham "an incredible human" and what subtle homage to Tiny Furniture can actually be found in Afternoon Delight.

"Who is this fully formed perfect human specimen?" she wondered after seeing Dunham's directorial debut. "Just investigative and aware and awake."

In the coming year she'll star in several hotly anticipated releases, including Brad Bird's Tomorrowland and M. Night Shymalan's Sundowning. "I was really turned on by it — creatively," she says of shooting the latter.

The conversation veers from serious to side-stich inducing as Hahn explains why she will never be a true hippie, despite her ability to play one so well ("I like reading a Vogue every once in a while"), and what it was like always playing "the best friend" in her early career. She also carefully navigates us out of a misunderstanding when she catches herself saying something that sounds like — but is not — "diarrhea."

"I've got two small children I'm trying to be a parent to and I have no idea what's going to come out of my mouth!" she laughs.

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