'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Michelle Monaghan Isn't Pulling Any Punches in 'Fort Bliss'

The actress reminds #pretapodcasts that "women are tough!" when discussing her new military movie — even if she is Nicholas Sparks' next leading lady

The world is about to see a side of Michelle Monaghan they have not seen before – not that anyone should be surprised. The actress, commonly known for her roles in rom-com's like Made of Honor and her recent turn in HBO's True Detective, joined #pretapodcasts to discuss her new starring role in this month's Fort Bliss, in which she plays an Army medic who returns from a long deployment in Afghanistan to try to repair her relationship with her young son who barely remembers her, while also wrestling with a possible redeployment. 

"I've had several people – men – who've watched it and are like, 'How did you be so tough?'" she tells Off the Cuff. "And I'm like, 'Well, women are tough!'" The role requires not only physical shows of strength but emotional ones as well, depicting a harsh reality for many female vets that is not often depicted onscreen. Anger, doubt, dedication to the job – these are all qualities shockingly absent from female roles, particularly when that character is a mother. 

"We can be tough and we can be feminine and we can be all of these things," says the mom-of-two. "Some days I really love being a mom, and some days I don't! It's crazy – I'm tired of packing lunches!"

Monaghan also tells us what it was like starring in one of 2014's most zeitgeist-y shows ("I don't think any of us expected of it to be such a phenomenon") and why she was just as nervous shooting the upcoming Nicholas Sparks film The Best of Me as anything else she's done.

Plus, what's her one big dream yet unfilled? (Hint: "Absolutely not a musical. I would not torture anyone with that.")

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