'Off The Cuff' Podcast: MTV 'Catfish' Host Admits He "Hurt A Lot Of People"

Adam Fedderly

Nev Schulman — whose own story inspired the 'Catfish' documentary — joins #pretapodcasts to talk about his revealing new book 'In Real Life'

"If you need my help meeting the person that you're 'in love with,' there's already a low probability that things are going to work out," Nev Schulman told Off the Cuff when he stopped by to discuss In Real Life: Love, Lies & Identity in the Digital Age, his new book which recounts his journey from adolescent screw-up to love guru in the modern age of digital dating.

Schulman shot to fame after the 2010 documentary Catfish, which chronicled his experience falling for a woman he met on Facebook, only to discover she had a secret identity that he set out to uncover. Now Schulman hosts the Catfish show on MTV, in which he offers his sleuthing services to other young romantics who have suffered similar duping. With In Real Life he hopes to "take a step away from MTV and a little bit of a step away from Catfish and say, 'This is how you know me, but there's a lot more.'"

What "more" means exactly remains to be seen. Schulman has found himself amid some recent controversy surrounding an incident that got him kicked out of Sarah Lawrence College in 2006 — an incident he cites in his book (in which he unknowingly punched a woman at a school dance). An eyewitness from the college has since claimed that Schulman knew the person was a woman before he swung, speaking to the press after Schulman posted a selfie in an "abuse free" elevator after news that football star Ray Rice had abused his girlfriend.

Schulman is the first to admit that he wasn't always the "decent role model" he deems himself today. "I hurt a lot of people. I hurt myself. I was a disaster," he says of his misspent youth. So where does he see himself headed post-Catfish?

"I don't know if I want to be a politician," he hedges, "but I could be a good fit."

At least he knows that the first step in any smart campaign is airing your dirty laundry before anyone else can.

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