'Off the Cuff' Podcast: 'Parks and Rec' Actor Jim O'Heir Sheds "Lots of Tears" Over Finale

Ignition/Cullin Tobin

The actor tells #THRpodcasts why he was the "biggest cry baby" during the NBC comedy's final table read and explains why he's "worried" about Chris Pratt's career.

As the world bids adieu to their favorite civil servants of Pawnee on NBC's Parks and Recreation this week, just know that Jim O'Heir is crying harder than anyone.

The actor, who plays Jerry (or Larry or Terry or Garry, depending on the episode) on the beloved comedy, joined Off the Cuff for a confessional episode in which he admits he was "the biggest cry baby of all of us" when the cast sat down together to read the final episode. "There was lots of tears," he says before qualifying that "Nick Offerman will tell you, he's been crying since we started back in September."

Now that the Parks set has literally been bulldozed to the ground, O'Heir tells us how he will spend his newly acquired free time (and also how he won't: "I don't have the shape for heroin, I've been told. I would look quite different if I had that addiction.") Instead he's sticking to his substance of choice - television - of which he says "I would jump back in, and it's just because of my love for it," as well as an indie film project titled Middle Man in which he plays a "hapless comic who gets tangled in a killing spree on a roadtrip to Vegas," a place that O'Heir happens to love, especially for the restaurants that "will even offer to give you [free] dinner if you show up!"

As for the future of his Parks co-stars, most of whom have become huge names since the show's creation, he singles out now mega-star Chris Pratt in particular to tell us with mock sincerity that he's really "worried about him."

"Everyone else will be fine," O'Heir states. "He can clean trailers maybe."

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