'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Patricia Arquette On 'Boyhood' Life, Why 'True Romance' Barely Survived Bob Dole

Brian Rovanpera

The actress tells #THRpodcasts about the pressure of going "into the void" with Richard Linklater: "You couldn't blow things."

"I think I'm gonna punch someone if they say something bad!"

Patricia Arquette says this while reflecting on the "weird boundary" she crossed while making Richard Linklater's new coming-of-age epic Boyhood, in which she plays mother to the titular boy in a film that shot over the course of 12 years. Arquette joined #THRpodcasts to walk us through a true life-imitating-art experience as the twice-divorced actress and mother of two spent over a decade portraying a woman with the same biographical stats (her real-life ex's being Nicholas Cage and Thomas Jane; Arquette told us that Jane saw the movie footage five years into shooting and was "blown away" by verisimilitude.)

It was clear as Arquette slowly unfurled her thoughts on Boyhood that she still hasn't shaken its grip on her. "I love endings," she said of stories in general, "but not in this." Of course the end of this chapter is only the beginning of many more for the actress, including a starring role in the new installment of CSI which focuses on cyber crime, something she calls the "opposite" of Boyhood but which she embraces for the sheer fact that "any day 78 million people are watching an episode."

Of course we had to ask about her legendary break-out role in True Romance, that love-on-the-run '90s fan favorite whose box office troubles she partially blames on…Senate hearings?

"Bob Dole was like, 'There's a movie right now where these two cretins are selling cocaine,'" she recalls, "'and we are not going to fund the arts if these are the arts!'"

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