'Off the Cuff' Podcast with Richard Marx Who Talks Being Famous and Single For the First Time: 'I'm Having A Lot of Fun'

The "Right Here Waiting" crooner joined #pretapodcasts to perform a song off his new album that he says is about "sex, pretty much."

The man whose voice has accompanied many a wedding dance is ready to get down and dirty – both in his music and in his personal life. Newly separated from his wife of 25 years Cynthia Rhodes (that's "Penny" from Dirty Dancing to most of us), Richard Marx has a new album out this month, his first in ten years, that could prove to be a soundtrack for his own bachelordom – and will certainly have his fans swooning all over again. He sat down with #pretapodcasts to explain why the switch from sweet to sexy.

"There's a part of me that feels like my hardcore audience wanted to keep me the sweet boy next door forever guy who sings the wedding songs," he said. "And I am still that guy, but there's other parts of me, too."

Marx also opened up about online dating, the perils of drunk karaoke, working with a young Justin Timberlake, being discovered by Lionel Richie and his strange powers of premonition that predicted our very conversation.  He then performed his new single, "Whatever We Started," from Beautiful Goodbye, out July 8th.

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