'Off the Cuff' Podcast: 'Shark After Dark' Host Josh Wolf Admits He's 'Afraid of Sharks'

Brad Buckman

Discovery's new king of Shark Week tells #pretapodcasts how he went from being just Scott Wolf's cousin to rising star of late-night comedy.

Though many may know him as a panel regular on Chelsea Lately, comedian Josh Wolf is making a new name for himself as the host of Discovery's Shark Week show Shark After Dark which is currently in its second season after taking a bite out of its late-night competitors (including Chelsea) last year.

"She's not checking out the numbers of my show, trust me," he jokes about Chelsea Handler, who gave him his first big gig after meeting on the stand-up circuit and whose combination of intelligence and humor is something he'd like to replicate someday in a "Bill Maher type show, but for more social issues. More water cooler stuff."

Though originally hailing from Boston, Wolf is no stranger to fame after living with his cousin Scott Wolf back in the heyday of Party of Five. He tells Off the Cuff his theories on how his cousin has remained ageless after all these years, what he would change about his best-selling book offering advice to single dads, and how having to face his worst fears on Shark After Dark has helped him feel "better about sharks," even as he left us with these words of wisdom:

"If you've been in up to five feet of water in Santa Monica," he cautions, "you've been within three feet of a shark. 100% chance."

"Ask me the next question," he prods. "Have I been back in the water in Santa Monica?"

Well, has he?

"F--k no."

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