'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Michaela Watkins Explains Why Her 'Trophy Wife' Costumes Are a 'Fashion Jam'

Michaela Watkins Trophy Wife Episodic - H 2014
ABC/Vivian ZInk

Michaela Watkins Trophy Wife Episodic - H 2014

The actress-producer tells #pretapodcasts what it's like to star in great shows that don't always survive the bubble -- and why she often finds herself wearing "five things that shouldn't be happening on the same garment."

Michaela Watkins can't help it if she's so good at playing crazy -- in fact it's her deep and abiding love for the wackier side of human nature that has landed her in such critically acclaimed and fan-beloved shows as Enlightened and Trophy Wife -- and yes, that one spectacular season on Saturday Night Live.

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While waiting for ABC to render its verdict on a second season of Trophy Wife, Watkins stopped by #pretapodcasts to fill us in on the new USA comedy Benched, which she is writing and producing, and to expound on the freedom of inhabiting characters with such unrestrictive clothing ("I could have four litters and no one would ever know"). Plus, she tells us what we can expect from her role in David Wain's new rom-com satire, They Came Together, and why the world's most famous hand model enraged her so much that she made a Funny or Die video lampooning her. "They say what bothers you in other people are things you have in yourself," she explains, "which is what's going to make me run through a brick wall right now."

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