Cult Actor Robert Z'Dar, Star of 'Maniac Cop' Series, Dies at 64

Screen grab
Robert Z'Dar in 'The Final Sanction'

The hulking actor appeared in over 120 films including mainstream hit 'Tango & Cash' and TV's 'Growing Pains.'

Cult actor Robert Z'Dar died on Monday in Pensacola, Florida after a being hospitalized, his long-time manager and friend Jim Decker told local media. He was 64.

The striking Z'Dar, who stood 6 foot 2 with a prominent jaw (a result of a genetic condition called cherubism), starred in over 120 films including the cult classic Maniac Cop trilogy, in which Z'Dar played a crazed former NYPD officer on a killing spree. Z'Dar also memorably played a prison heavy in 1989's Tango & Cash starring Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell.  

Born Robert Zdarsky in Chicago, Z'Dar worked for a short time as a police officer before taking up acting. He parlayed his unique looks and sizeable frame to play villains in movies throughout the 80s and 90s, starring in other cult films such as Soultaker and The Final Sanction. Z'Dar also had small roles on television shows like Growing Pains and the 90's version of The Flash.

His manager Decker said that Z'Dar was in Pensacola for Pensacon, a fan convention, and that he had been suffering from chest pains. Z'Dar suffered a cardiac arrest Monday night.