Curmudgeon adds 'S4' to slate

About a military employee who worked by Area 51

Curmudgeon Films has acquired screen rights to the story of Bob Lazar, who claims to have worked at S4, a secret military base near Area 51, where he examined alien spacecraft recovered by the U.S. military.

Lazar left the project in 1989 and recounted his story to Las Vegas reporter George Knapp.

A screenplay tentatively titled "S4: The Incredible True Story of Bob Lazar," is being written by Kenneth Yakkel for Curmudgeon and producer Stephen Furst, who most recently was one of the producers of "My Sister's Keeper."

Lazar's story has interested other producers over the years. Put into turnaround in 1993 by Guber-Peters Prods., it was picked up by New Line, which subsequently let its option lapse.