Current Adds Bill Press, Stephanie Miller to Morning Lineup

Current's Keith Olberman at his "Countdown" desk.

UPDATED: Simulcasts of the liberal radio hosts shows join an expanding schedule at the cable news network led by primetime host Keith Olbermann.

Current TV will fashion a morning TV block around simulcasts of Bill Press and Stephanie Miller’s radio shows. Beginning in the next few months, The Bill Press Show will air from 6-9 a.m. followed by The Stephanie Miller Show from 9 a.m.-noon.

The announcement was made Monday by Current TV chairman Al Gore and president David Bohrman.

Press, a former CNN and MSNBC contributor, has written numerous left-leaning books including The Obama Hate Machine. He’s also filled in on a handful of occasions for Keith Olbermann on the latter’s Current program Countdown. Press’ show is done out of Washington, D.C.

The Los Angeles-based Miller also has had stints on cable news networks. She hosted CNBC’s Equal Time with conservative counterweight Bay Buchanan. And her radio show was briefly simulcast on MSNBC in 2007 after the network pulled Don Imus’ radio show in the wake of incendiary remarks Imus made about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.

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Though Miller's television career has included everything from game shows to made-for-TV movies, she says radio has always been her "first love." 

"I love doing television, but it can be a mixed bag," Miller told THR. "Radio is just kind of pure fun."

The daughter of former Congressman and RNC chair William E. Miller (who was Barry Goldwater's running mate in the 1964 presidential election), Miller says she's been talking to Current executives about a role on the network for some time.

"David Bohrman came in and sat in the studio for a whole show. And I happen to think he’s really brilliant and you don’t say that often about television executives," says Miller. "His concept of the show is really more like a behind-the-scenes reality show of the radio show."

Miller says her radio show on Current TV will be just like her radio show on Ustream "but with better cameras." And she says she won't tone anything down for the TV audience. "What happens too often on television is there are too many cooks in the kitchen," she says. "It gets overproduced, watered down, toned down." 

In a statement, Gore noted: “I’ve followed Stephanie and Bill for years. They provide the kind of smart, insightful news analysis that our viewers want to hear. Bill brings a vital perspective directly from the heart of the Beltway, and Stephanie’s fresh take on politics and news has a decidedly outsider flair.  We’re really looking forward to bringing their voices to our viewers.”

Added Bohrman: “2012 is a crucial year in the history of our country and we felt that morning cable television programming was simply not speaking to Americans with progressive viewpoints and ideas. This new block will be an alternative to the tired banter and light news that is found on the air today.”“The Current team shares our view that progressive political news and commentary is critical for an intelligent and informed populace and we’re excited to be part of their growing line-up of talented news broadcasters,” said Miller. 

“The conservative stranglehold on morning cable news television in America is over,” said Press. “Current TV and I share a common goal of cutting through the talking points and shouting heads to present sane, intelligent political commentary and analysis.”