Cuthbert makes run at 'Ny-Lon'


Elisha Cuthbert is returning to television as the female lead in CBS' one-hour pilot "Ny-Lon."

Also cast in the ABC Studios-produced adaptation of the British series are Caterina Scorsone and Johnny Whitworth.

Meanwhile, Tahmoh Penikett, Fran Kranz, Dichen Lachman and Enver Gjokaj have been cast in Joss Whedon's drama series for Fox "Dollhouse," joining star Eliza Dushku.

Additionally, Rachel Boston has landed a role on another CBS drama pilot, "Mythological Ex."

"Ny-Lon" revolves around Edie (Cuthbert), a New York literacy teacher/record store clerk, and Michael, a London stock broker, who embark on a cross-continental romance.

Scorsone ("1-800-Missing") will play Edie's roommate, a slutty, bohemian rocker. Whitworth ("CSI: Miami") will play Edie's rocker ex-boyfriend.

After her breakthrough role on Fox's "24," Cuthbert had focused on movies. Her upcoming features include "My Sassy Girl" and "The Six Lives of Henry Lefay." Cuthbert is repped by Gersh and manager John Carrabino.

Scorsone is repped by Innovative and Open Entertainment. Whitworth is repped by TalentWorks and Artistry Entertainment.

"Dollhouse," from 20th Century Fox TV, revolves around a group of young men and women, known as Dolls, who are imprinted by a secret organization with different personalities for different assignments. They have no memories of their previous lives until one of them, Echo (Dushku), begins to try to find out who she was.

Penikett ("Battlestar Galactica") will play Paul Smith, an FBI field agent chasing the urban myth of the Dollhouse and a twisted romantic foil for Echo.

Kranz ("Welcome to the Captain") will play Topher Brink, a twentysomething genius programmer responsible for imprinting the Dolls.

Australian Lachman will play Sierra, a Doll like Echo and her friend.

Gjokaj will play Victor, also a Doll and a friend of Echo's.

The 20th TV-produced "Mythological" is based on the Israeli series about a woman who, after learning from a psychic that she already has dated the man she's supposed to marry, revisits all her past relationships.

Boston ("Hackett") will play her sassy younger sister, a professional dancer. She is repped by Gersh and Forward Entertainment.