CVS Won't Sell Rolling Stone 'Bomber' Issue

Rolling Stone

The cover depicts alleged bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev under the signature red title lettering of the magazine.

Two major retailers have decided that they will not stock Rolling Stone's Dzhokhar Tsarnaev cover. CVS said in a statement that it would not be selling the magazine's August issue in its stores out of respect for the Boston marathon bombing victims. Walgreens pharmacy also said that it will not sell the issue. 

"CVS/pharmacy has decided not to sell the current issue of Rolling Stone featuring a cover photo of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect," the CVS statement said. "As a company with deep roots in New England and a strong presence in Boston, we believe this is the right decision out of respect for the victims of the attack and their loved ones."

STORY: Rolling Stone's 'Boston Bomber' Cover Sparks Outrage 

A CVS spokesperson tells The Hollywood Reporter that the statement includes all retail pharmacy outlets chainwide. The cover image -- which has been seen on newspaper front pages -- shows the alleged bomber framed with the signature red title lettering in a similar manner as celebrity covers have featured.

The cover became a trending topic on Twitter in the U.S. on Wednesday and has drawn outrage. The article, written by contributing editor Janet Reitman, was posted online with an Editors note attached that appeared to address the cover controversy:

Our hearts go out to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, and our thoughts are always with them and their families. The cover story we are publishing this week falls within the traditions of journalism and Rolling Stone’s long-standing commitment to serious and thoughtful coverage of the most important political and cultural issues of our day. The fact that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is young, and in the same age group as many of our readers, makes it all the more important for us to examine the complexities of this issue and gain a more complete understanding of how a tragedy like this happens. –THE EDITORS