CW attempting to break Guinness Record

EXCLUSIVE: 'Hellcats' inspires 'largest cheerleading dance'

To promote its new fall cheerleading series "Hellcats," The CW is staging an attempt to break a Guinness World Record.

On Sept. 4, the network will turn the Frisco Memorial Stadium in Frisco, TX, into Cheerleader Headquarters by inviting squads from around the country to participate in a 5-minute choreographed "Hellcats" dance.

The goal: To set a new record for "Largest Cheerleading Dance" at a single venue.

The CW is partnering with the online cheerleading network Cheer Channel to rally the squads and get them trained for a five-minute synchronized performance of a cheer from the show.

As an added incentive, the network is awarding $4,000 to the squad who brings the most participants.

It looks like the network will have no problem making its goal: The current record is 297, and more than 2400 have RSVP'd so far.

This is a savvy way to market "Hellcats." Not only is this completely on brand and not overly expensive, The CW will get a lively video of the event and news peg (cheerleading record broken!) that's sure to land on local news telecasts and blogs right before the show's premiere.

"Hellcats" debuts Sept. 8 at 9 p.m.