CW turns up the heat for 'Gossip'

Undeterred by 'Model' protests, net debuts racy ads

OMFG is right.

The CW is launching a provocative new campaign for "Gossip Girl" using an image of two characters having sex.

One version is branded with the letters "OMFG," which is online slang for "Oh my f***ing God." A tamer version uses "OMG." The image is taken from the show's pilot. Another ad in the series shows two characters making out in the back of limo branded with the ":O" emoticon.

The ads are designed to promote the return of "Gossip" to original episodes April 21 after its WGA strike-induced hiatus.

The images hit the Internet a few days after the conservative watchdog group Parents Television Council targeted the CW for an anti-indecency campaign. The PTC is encouraging its members to file FCC complaints about a scene on "America's Next Top Model" that showed pixelated nudity.

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