Cynthia Nixon Mum on Governor Rumors at 'Only Living Boy in New York' Premiere

Theo Wargo/Getty Images
Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Nixon, Kiersey Clemons, Kate Beckinsale and Callum Turner at Monday's 'Only Living Boy in New York' premiere on Monday night

The 'Sex and the City' actress, who appears in Marc Webb's new film, talked about what she wants to see change in New York, her main priority being inequality in the public school system.

Cynthia Nixon stole the spotlight at Monday’s The Only Living Boy in New York premiere in Manhattan, with reporters crowding around the Sex and the City alum to ask about her rumored plans to run for New York governor.

The actress quickly shut down questions, saying, “I cannot [talk about that]."

She did, however, reveal what she wants to change about New York.

“I would like to see the public school system more equitable. We are, in terms of what we spend on our kids in the poorest district and what we spend on our kids in the wealthiest district, we are 49th in this country in terms of equality,” Nixon told reporters at the Museum of Modern Art event. "We’ve got to find a way to fix the funding formula because right now, the kids in New York City, the kids in rural districts, the kids in all of our major cities are not getting what our state constitution guarantees them.”

Nixon, who plays the lead character's mother in The Only Living Boy, also spoke about the Marc Webb-directed film, which follows the privileged 20-something Thomas (Callum Turner) as he grapples with the frustrations of love and life as he begins a relationship with his father's mistress.

While there are "coming-of-age" aspects to the romanticized story, Webb and his cast said the film offers a fresh take on a familiar formula.

“I think this is a fable," Webb said, pointing out the many times his characters can easily hail a cab in the pouring rain. "It’s not like a gritty, realistic New York. It's the New York you imagine New York to be before you move to New York."

Kiersey Clemons, who plays Thomas' best friend and love interest, Mimi, thinks the actors are what gives the film some flare.

“I think [it’s] the cast, the fact that we have actors from each generation, and when you add everything all together, it’s so many years of experience and so much freshness at the same time and I think that’s very exciting to see now," she said.

Focusing on the plot, Turner said he thinks this “family drama” goes deeper than most.

“I guess it’s kind of based on truth and communication, and when communication breaks down what happens and what manifests itself, and I guess it’s unique,” Turner said.

Kate Beckinsale, who plays the mistress, Johanna, doesn’t think that this movie falls into the traditional “coming-of-age category.”

“I suppose, the thing is, we come of age so many times in our lives. I feel like there’s a lot of characters coming of age at some point during this movie,” she said.

Nixon, meanwhile, said the film raised a few questions: "I think it is a movie about New York, and it’s about, Has New York lost its soul? New York is having a very financially successful moment. Can you be a success and still have integrity and still have soul?"

The Only Living Boy in New York opens in select theaters this Friday.