Cynthia Nixon Releases ‘Sex and the City’-Themed Campaign Merch

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

“I’m a Miranda and I’m voting for Cynthia”

Although Cynthia Nixon insists she’s not running as a Hollywood star but “as a New Yorker,” the gubernatorial candidate released campaign merchandise Tuesday that says otherwise.

For the 20th anniversary of her hit show, Sex and the City, Nixon unveiled five campaign items designed by the Instagram account Every Outfit on Sex & the City (@everyoutfitonSATC). The hats, totes and tees reference her lawyer character Miranda Hobbes and play off the common fan identification of "being" a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda. 

The merch proclaims, “I’m a Miranda and I’m voting for Cynthia,” while a hat ($38) reads “I’m a Miranda” with her name crossed out and “Governor” plastered on top. A toddler tee ($28) crosses out "Miranda" and replaces it with “Future Governor of New York.”

Nixon declared her candidacy in March, announcing she’d run against incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 

Her platform includes improving health care, education and marijuana legalization. On Stephen Colbert, she said, "I'm running because I'm a lifelong New Yorker and I love this state, and I just know we could do so much better.” She addressed actors entering office by saying, “I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with stars in politics. It gives you a platform, but it's what you do with that platform."

At the Teen Vogue summit June 4, Nixon said she hopes to be the first female governor of New York, voicing support for the Parkland, Florida, students and abortion policies: “It’s way past time to end the era when a group of men sit around in a group and decide what happens to women’s bodies.” 

The Democratic primary will take place Sept. 13.