Cyrus celebrates 15th birthday with concert


NASHVILLE, Tenn.  -- Miley Cyrus celebrated turning 15 with more than 15,000 hometown friends, who serenaded her with "Happy Birthday" toward the end of her concert, complete with pyrotechnic displays and a cake delivered onstage.

"I'll tell you guys that my main wish when my parents asked me, 'Miley, what do you want for your 15th birthday?', the only thing that I had to say was, 'I want to be here at home with Nashville and all of you guys,"' the star of the hit Disney TV show "Hannah Montana" told the crowd, according to

The "Best of Both Worlds" show Friday was sold out.

"The reason that I do what I do is for all of you guys," she said. "Anyone from a small town can go out there and live their dream, and so to be here with you guys tonight on my birthday is amazing."

For the encore, her dad, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, came out with an acoustic guitar to sing their signature duet, "Ready, Set, Don't Go," and included her sister Brandi Glenn Cyrus on backup guitar.

"I'd like to bring out my best friend -- that just about says it all -- my daddy," Miley announced.

When the song ended, Billy Ray hugged Miley, telling her, "Happy birthday, little girl."