Czech Film Pirate Makes Movie Denouncing Piracy to Avoid Paying Damages

Jakub F. in 'The Story of My Piracy'

But the video must get over 200,000 views on YouTube.

If you're a pirate with a decent camera face, you may be in luck.

A Czech man convicted of pirating from a host of companies, including Microsoft, HBO Europe, Sony Music and 20th Century Fox, has been spared paying any damages on condition that an anti-piracy video in which he features racks up 200,000 views on YouTube.

The 30-year-old — identified only as Jakub F. — was estimated to have caused losses of $373,000 by uploading links to file-hosting sites on varies forums, with Microsoft alone calling for $223,000. But the Business Software Alliance, which represents the software giant, acknowledged his inability to pay, instead suggesting that alongside his 3-year suspended sentence, he cooperated in a video aimed at deterring others from following in his footsteps.

"I was convinced that I was too small a fish for someone to get to me. But eventually, they got me. Even for me, the investigators came to work," he says over a dramatic soundtrack in the short film he eventually appeared in, entitled The Story of My Piracy.

Thankfully for Jakub F., his time in the front of the camera appears to have paid off. The video current has more than 400,000 YouTube views, meaning he only has to serve the suspended sentence.