'D-War' leads strong local b.o. in Korea


SEOUL -- Korea's domestic boxoffice rebound continued over the weekend with local movies taking the top four spots at theaters and five of the top six, their strongest showing in more than six months.

Shim Hyung-rae's monster movie "D-War" held the top spot for the third straight week, bringing its total boxoffice to $50 million, or 7.45 million admissions, making the Showbox-distributed film the seventh-biggest of all time in Korea.

The historical tragedy "May 18," based on the true story of government troops killing hundreds of democracy protesters in 1980, landed in second, just topping six million admissions, or $40 million, since its July 26 release.

Third and fourth place went to Korean titles "Underground Rendezvous" and "Love Now," both new releases, with openings of $4.7 million and $3.3 million, respectively.

In fifth, "Stardust" was the strongest Hollywood release, earning $2.4 million since it opened Aug. 14.

Three straight strong weeks at the boxoffice have elevated Korean movies back to the top of the national boxoffice tally, accounting for 47.2% of the admissions thus far in 2007. Movies from the U.S. account for 46.5% of the boxofffice.

After Hollywood movies dominated theaters here from May to July, Korean movies had plunged to just a 42% share of the boxoffice, their lowest level in five years.