D23: Bill Hader Auditions to be Pixar's New 'Lucky Charm'

Bill Hader

The "SNL" alumnus, who lent his voice to "Monsters University" and will be heard in the upcoming "The Good Dinosaur" and "Inside Out," makes a humorous bid to replace John Ratzenberger.

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Bill Hader has one Pixar film under his belt -- he voiced the humorous slug who was late for class in Monsters University -- and Friday at D23 he was on hand to introduce two more roles and make a humorous push to be Pixar’s next “lucky charm.”

John Ratzenberger -- who has voiced a character in all 14 of Pixar Animation Studios’ released features -- had enjoyed that nickname at the studio for years.

At D23, it was revealed that Hader will voice Forrest, a dinosaur who is the older brother of the protagonist in Pixar’s 2014 release The Good Dinosaur, directed by Bob Peterson. And he'll also be heard as Fear, a character inside the mind of the young girl in Inside Out, Pixar’s 2015-scheduled film from director Pete Docter (Up).

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And as Pixar’s 2016 film, Finding Dory, was introduced, Hader came back on stage dressed as a sea cucumber to ask for a role in the Finding Nemo sequel. “I could be Pixar’s lucky charm,” he enthused.

At that moment, Ratzerberger, followed by a band, appeared on stage. The pair got a series of laughs, with Ratzenberger joking that Hader’s decision to leave SNL was a “good move” as he chuckled that the SNL alum had only appeared in three Pixar films.