All the Dad Chic Archetypes Spotted on the Balenciaga Men's Runway

Catwalking/Getty Images

Dads: Still in for 2018.

Just a few days after Father's Day was celebrated in the U.S. of A., Demna Gvasalia paid his own homage to dads in Paris, presenting a dad-chic spring 2018 menswear collection on Wednesday during Men's Fashion Week. 

Male models toting tots on their hips were spied strutting their stuff as though the catwalk was not a catwalk at all, but the cereal aisle at the local Whole Foods. The pint-sized props, also decked out in Balenciaga digs, weren't the only reference to father-figure style. Windbreakers, super-high waisted jeans (with hoodie sweatshirts tucked in, natch) and Day-Glo athletic sneakers were reminiscent of '90s dad style, which has inspired the return of dad jeans, dad hats and even dad bods. (See the new Ken dolls.)


At his last presentation, Gvasalia paid tribute to yet another icon of dad (or granddad?) style, Mr. Bernie Sanders, whose 2016 campaign logo he reworked to read "Balenciaga 2017." The patriotic banner was seen on a few of the pieces in the spring collection, however in much more subtle form. 

Fashion is clearly riffing on the internet's ongoing dad-obsession, which includes not just style but also dad jokes and general cheesy parenting anecdotes. Here, we present the nine different dad archetypes spotted in the latest Balenciaga collection.

1. The “Did you grab an umbrella? It’s looking cloudy” dad:
Motto: Be prepared. 

2. The secretly making meth in an RV/chemistry teacher dad: 
Walter White, is that you? 

3. The Certified-Cool granddad:
"Robert Plant was a good friend. Pass me a cigar and I'll tell you about it." 

4. The “Am I embarrassing you, honey?” dad:
"Did you know you lose most body heat from your head?" 

5. The bikes to work dad:
He also owns an Apple watch for the sole purpose of tracking his rides. 

6. The “Hand me a beer, chump” BBQ’ing dad:
Favorite topics of conversation: Football, stock options, Obamacare. 

7. The “Do what I say, not what I do” dad: 
He's been having a mid-life crisis since his late twenties. 

8. The Brooklyn dad: 
The only beverages he consumes are fair-trade organic pour overs and craft beers (IPAs, preferably).