Dad Uses 'Taken'-Inspired Note to Get Kids to Clean Sink


"I will say that, 98 percent of the time, my kitchen sink is spotless, which it wasn't before the note, so I have to say it worked," Shane Labuzan told 'Good Morning America' on Tuesday.

One dad grew so frustrated with his kids' kitchen messes that he channeled his inner Liam Neeson and left a threatening note inspired by Neeson's Taken character's speech from the 2008 film.

Shane Labuzan of Carmel, Ind., taped a note above his sink containing a version of Neeson's character's "I will find you, and I will kill you" phone speech from the 2008 film, complete with a picture of Neeson's character talking on the phone.

The note reads in part: “If you clean up your own kitchen mess, that’ll be the end of it. … But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you … and I will disconnect you," threatening to take away his kids' Internet access.

Since posting the below photo of the note on Reddit 11 days ago, Labuzan's message has gone viral.

He told that he hoped Neeson would police his three teens when he and his fiancee weren't around.

"Every time they might be tempted to just leave a mess in the sink for me to clean up later, they would have to look him in the eyes and question their next move," said Labuzan.

And he told and ABC News that all of his kids had their electronic devices disconnected for a period of time after they laughed at the note but didn't take it seriously.

But now, it seems, the note has worked.

Speaking to Good Morning America on Tuesday via video in the show's "Pop News" segment, Labuzan said, "I will say that, 98 percent of the time, my kitchen sink is spotless, which it wasn't before the note."

Meanwhile, his daughter, who also spoke to the ABC morning show via video, doesn't seem that amused by her dad.

She complained, "His ego is just going off the charts. I'm just confused by why everyone thinks he's funny."

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