Daily News Runs Cover Calling NRA Boss a "Terrorist"

Wayne LaPierre NRA Presser Two - H 2012
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Wayne LaPierre NRA Presser Two - H 2012

New York publication compares Wayne LaPierre to numerous gunmen, including James Holmes and Adam Lanza.

On Friday, copies of the Daily News will hit shelves featuring pictures of gunmen from recent mass shootings in America — the largest image belonging to the San Bernardino gunman. There is also a photo of NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre; all men branded "Terrorist."

Others on the cover include Aurora theater gunman James Holmes, Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman Adam Lanza, suspected Charleston church gunman Dylann Roof and suspected Planned Parenthood gunman Robert Dear.

"Murder here is easy to commit — because weapons and ammunition that tear at human flesh are easily obtainable," the Daily Times wrote Thursday in the article announcing the Friday cover. "And once murder is committed, it is far harder to solve than it should be — because the devices that are repositories for incriminating evidence are increasingly beyond the reach of law enforcement."

In a separate piece also posted Thursday, the Daily News stated it reached out to LaPierre numerous times, giving him an opportunity "to air his views" on the recent mass shooting that left 14 dead and many more wounded in Southern California. 

"Multiple calls and emails Wednesday and Thursday to LaPierre and his top aides went ignored," according to the Daily News

The Daily News also made headlines for its Thursday cover, which read "God Isn't Fixing This," and highlighted tweets from Republican politicians who posted their thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families.

The NRA could not be reached for comment.