Daily News Mocks Donald Trump After Iowa Caucus Loss

Daily News Trump Clown Cover H 2016

The New York newspaper, a longtime critic of the Republican presidential candidate, took great delight in the real estate mogul coming in second.

Donald Trump's second-place finish in the Iowa GOP caucus proved a boon to celebrities on Twitter, with many not wasting the opportunity to stick the boot to the billionaire former reality star, but it also provided ammunition for some of his more long-standing opponents, in particular the always provocative New York Daily News

The newspaper, infamous for some of its recent front pages, took aim once more at The Donald with the headline "Dead Clown Walking" and a photoshopped image of Trump as a sad clown. The image plays on previous Daily News covers of Trump as a clown.  

Trump finished second in the Iowa caucus behind Sen. Ted Cruz, with Sen. Marco Rubio finishing third.